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PFK04 Frame Joining Kit


There has never been a finer hobby tool than this for turning your mitred moulding into a frame.

It is the most advanced tool available from anywhere and its designed in England. Just look at it's features:

  • Large capacity, joins moulding from 10mm to 75mm wide and upto 100mm high
  • A unique captivated square magnet, no competitors unit has this, to hold the wedge at the correct angle to the clamped mouldings giving maximum joint strength
  • A strong metal clamp to hold the mouldings accurately and which locates in the 'V' of the fence for quick and accurate positioning.
  • A unique fence, no competitors unit has this, equipped with 2 production stops and a fence lock.

Set the front and back stops only once, for the first corner making it quicker to join, ensuring maximum joint strength and giving a better looking frame.

The lock is used when inserting one wedge on top of another in high mouldings to give added joint strength.

  • A strong metal base with a soft covering to protect the moulding and the width to support the clamped moulding
  • Designed for easy use and professional results - simply the best -and at an affordable price!

The latest addition to our range of picture framing tools allowing the hobby framer or artist to be able to join professional looking frames at home.

Once all 4 corners have been joined the frame is ready for the artwork to be put in, the backing board secured in place, using our T225 Tab Driver, and then hung on the wall. We include a FREE hardware kit to provide the finishing touch.   

FREE 266 Piece Hardware Kit;
100 x 7mm Wedges
100 x 10mm Wedges
5m Picture Hanging Wire
8 x Screw Eyes
8 x D Rings
8 x Screw Rings
6 x Large Wall Hook
4 x Small wall hook
10 x Wood screw
20 x Masonry Nail
1 x Frame leveler (Spirit Level)



PFK04 Frame Joining Kit

Click image to enlarge:

Wedge, also known as V-Nail, is inserted into the back of the frame. Finished Frame Corner Showing 2 Wedges in the Underside of the Frame Unique Square Shaped, Magnetic Driver For Accurate Wedge Placement FREE 266 Piece Hardware Kit For Hanging The Finished Picture Frame THe PFK04 is Very Easy To Operate And Can Be Used By Anybody When Using Taller Mouldings, The Wedges Can Be Double Stacked



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