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Wizard Frameshop Vinyl tool

The new Frameshop software package also includes a vinyl tool cutter.

Wizard Vinyl Mount SampleWizard Vinyl Mount SampleWizard Vinyl Mount Sample

It is a great addition to the collection of tools already provided with the 9000, and works in a very similar way to the pen tool. Using the special tool you can cut a variety of vinyl to create some stunning designs. 

Cut any of the tru type fonts, or choose from the hundreds of standard Wizard cut art shapes by simply selecting them from the menu. Designs can easily be resized, rotated and mirrored giving the choice of thousands of combinations! 

Wizard Vinyl Cutter

And of course it is also possible to create your own designs too - so why not let your imagination go and create a truly custom design for your customers.






And the winners are ......

Following the Gala dinner this Saturday evening in Stratford Upon Avon, the winners have all now been revealed for the 2016 awards.

Big congratulations to all the winners, with a special mention to the very talented Kevin Nihill from Eagle Gallery, who won the 'Best Mount Design' sponsored by Framers Corner.

Best Mount Design Winner 2016This stylish and elegant design really lets the artwork speak for itself, and still shows a beautiful and creative mount, to enhance the design.

A full list of winners can be found on the Fine Art Trade Guild website.

Feeling inspired? Then why not enter next year, details will be announced at the end of the year, so keep an eye out for full information on our facebook page & website to be posted later.













Launch of Art & Framing Roadshow 2016 program

Following the success of the first year of Art & Framing roadshows in 2015, we have now kicked off our extended 14 date run in Ashford and Hemel Hempstead in April.

The events were once again well attended, and the numbers of suppliers has also been expanded to give visitors the opportunity to talk to more industry experts. Guests were able to talk to suppliers in a relaxed, informal atmosphere, and whether it was getting information on new products, or asking for technical advice, there was plenty going on throughout the day.

The Wizard 9000 CMC was a popular draw, and we have now launched the new Frameshop software, with its modern software system that allows for full and easy integration between all of the Wizard software products. The 9000 Frameshop is still supplied with the same great full package including the PC, Software, floorstand, Cutting tools, Debossing kit, Pen tool and delivery and on-site training.

The events run from 10am to 4pm and are free to attend, there is no need to pre register either you can just turn up on the day.


For the complete listing of the remaining dates and venues you can check out the roadshow website.





Finalists announced for FATG Awards 2016

After a busy competition again, the finalists for the 2016 framing awards have now been announced.

FATG Awards 2016FATG 2016 Awards

Framers Corner are once again sponsoring the award for the 'Best Mount Design', and had the pleasure of being one of the judges in the competition. Although some judging has already been completed, it is all carried out independantly so the winner will remain a secret until the big reveal at the Awards on the 7th May

As ever there are 2 different categories for the framing. A set piece (the 2 postcard prints and miniature medal), and a 'free thinking' piece based on a theme allowing framers to let their imagination run to complete a piece. FATG Awards 2016

Despite sponsoring this event for a number of years now, it is still always an amazing sight to see the creativity and diversity of ideas that these talented framers can produce. The competition is open to both members and non members of the Guild. The gala dinner is always a good event with plenty of good food, dancing and live music, if you would like to book tickets for this years event in Stratford Upon Avon please contact the Fine Art Trade Guild.





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