Framers Corner - A Company History

Our company was founded in 1977 by Alistair Cook who had been working in the export department of a woodworking machinery manufacturer. His intention was to design and manufacture picture framing equipment, initially selling only the UK. His first office was the spare bedroom and his workshop was the family garage.

The first design was the T120 manually operated 'Side Pinner' for joining frames.

It used a foot pedal to clamp the two mitred pieces of moulding and then pushed nails into the side of the frame.

Next came the first export attempt; Alistair visited a show in Paris via rail and ferry with the Side Pinner tucked under one arm and a heavy French dictionary under the other. The trip was a great success with the Side Pinner enjoying a long life selling in various export markets including France and the USA.

The business soon outgrew the garage and rented premises in a modern industrial unit and then later into our first self-owned premises.

Next came the invention of the V-nail, which revolutionised pinning machines. The development of the ‘Strappit’ underpinner range led to further expansion of the business and production facilities.

We know some of these machines are still in use today – over 25 years later!  

The next product to be developed, around 1985, was the mitre guillotine, MK2. This was done through a joint venture with local machinery manufacturer ‘Modern’. When you compare that machine to todays equivalent, the design has really not changed too much in all that time.

The development of underpinners continued throughout the 80’s and 90’s with the addition of air operated models and more advanced features.

The heart of the business has always been in designing new products, using a balance between offering the latest technologies and maintaining the tradition of high quality our customers have come to expect from the Framers Corner brand.

We still do the research and design elements of the process here in Leicester, England. Some of our manufacturing has now been transferred to low cost centres in Asia, where we are able to produce competitively priced, high quality equipment which we supply worldwide.

Alistair passed away in September 2011 and the business is now owned and managed by his three children. From an early age they were involved in the business and have worked in every department. The company continues to operate as a small family business which is responsive to the need of its customers. At some point in the future, the 3rd generation will take over and continue the work started by their grandfather.